Wild Hearts Wednesday | Great Greater Gliders

Petauroides Volans, The Greater Glider is one of the great Gladstone regions most unique animals. The Gliding marsupial  lives only on Australia’s east coast  and for its size(reaching up to 1700g with a body length of over 400mm and tail length up to 600mm) it is rarely seen or heard and can amazingly glide up to 100m across the tree canopy.

Living in woodland eucalyptus habitats, Greater gliders feed almost entirely on eucalyptus leaves of the ribbon, peppermint mountain gum trees, they create nests or dens in hollow of trees for safety from predators.

Our fury friends can be found across the Gladstone region from the Ranges in the Boyne Valley to the ridges of Wurdong Heights and Calliope. Sadly our greater gliders are now listed as vulnerable due to fragmented habitats, loss of habitats, domestic and feral animal predation and entanglement in man made structures like barbed wire fences.

Caring for our Greater Gliders is a special experience as they are such gentle creatures, however seeing one in the wild is privileged experience.

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