Living with native wildlife in our community

You can make a difference: Plant native flora in your back yard so there is a place for native wildlife to thrive

Small green and yellow sandpaper skinned frog on tree bark

We are extremely privileged to have so many beautiful native flora and fauna species endemic to the Gladstone region. Many different species can be found in our very own backyard. It is not only possible but also beneficial to the community, to embrace our native wildlife and their ecosystems and live harmoniously together.

While we live with the country’s most productive industries on our door step, we as a community can make the balance between industry, flora and fauna possible through forward thinking.

With most towns and cities now destroying natural bushland to cater for our ever growing population we need to start thinking about how are we going to replace the homes for fauna, and food sources lost with our wonderful native flora diminishing?

The answer lies in our very own backyards. A simple gesture like providing a dish of water or planting a native tree or shrub can provide a bird the ability to travel from bush land to bush land.

Essentially we have the power to create nature corridors in our very backyards. Not only do we get the satisfaction of knowing we are contributing to the sustainability of our wildlife but we also get the privilege of enjoying their existence in our very own back yard.

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