Gardening for local native wildlife

Although there is bushland being cleared for all sorts of reasons, you can make an area as small as a square metre abundantly full of life in your backyard. Help Gladstone and District Wildlife Carers provide for our native wildlife.

golden tiny native flowers

Have you ever thought of how abundantly full of life a square metre by square metre can be? How many animals reside in such a small space?

We often don’t think of the repercussions of clearing bushland. You may not have injured large native wildlife but you may have disturbed its food source. Our native flora and fauna is made up of intricate eco systems all relying on another to survive. With more and more bushland becoming urbanised, the solution to rejuvenating ecosystems lies with us as a community.

In such a small space you can have a huge impact on native wildlife. You could designate a corner of your backyard to frogs! You could assign your footpath to insects and birds!

There are many ways to help sustain our native wildlife and give them a home and permanent food source. Remember when planning your native wildlife retreat to think of the space as a whole, bushland has many layers, ground covers, shrubs, trees and water source.

Think of the animals you would like to attract like little silver eyes, kookaburras, butterflies or frogs. Think of their requirements and you are already on your way to producing a native hideaway! For more ideas please visit Toondoon Botanical Gardens!

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