21/02/18 _Wild Hearts Wednesday | Curious about Curlews


Burhinus grallarius the Bush Stone Curlew is sometimes known at the Bush Thick-knee are known for their ghosting eerie calls during the night. Growing to 58cm in height, Bush Stone Curlews can be found across the Gladstone region, but you will need good eyes to spot them as they camouflage so well that they can hide in plain sight.

Generally nesting July through to Generally. Laying a clutch of 3 eggs in a scrape on the ground and can be nest defensive.

Like all precocial (chookie like) birds the chicks are mobile at the time they hatch.

Bush Stone Curlew numbers have declined across Australia due to loss of habitat and predation they are now listed as endangered in Victoria and NSW. The Bush Stone Curlews beach dwelling cousin the Beach Stone Curlew is listed as vulnerable in QLD.

To find out more about our very special Curlews.



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References Birds in Back yards.

Photo Credits_ Jodi Jones   

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