Animal Emergency

Have you found an injured, ill or orphaned native animal?
Please don’t hesitate:

Call our care line: 0427106803

Our friendly phone monitors will help you 24/7
If you have been in an accident please call 000

Injured birds and animals:

Stress is a big killer when it comes to rescuing injured wildlife. It is also important to remember that wild animals are equipped to defend themselves, when they are scared and vulnerable. Native animals are not used to being handled by humans and do not understand you are trying to help them. All of our rescue volunteers are trained in rescue techniques that limit the risk of injury to themselves and the animal and also reduce the stress on the animal.
The most important thing to achieve with injured wildlife is securing its safety.
We achieve this by following these simple steps whilst ensuring our own safety:

      1.Ensure the native animal is safe by removing threats. Lock up your domesticated pets inside until the animal can be contained.
      2.Place a towel over the animal if safe to do so and contain it in a box, make sure the box has holes for air flow. Place the box in a quiet, dark room and please do not disturb.
    3.Please do not offer food and water.

Please note it is illegal to keep a native animal longer than 72 hours. All injured and orphaned wildlife need to be passed on to a licenced carer.


If you come across a bat/flying fox that has been injured or orphaned please phone 0427106803 immediately.
It is important to remember, please take care not to touch or handle bats/flying foxes. Bats/flying fox in Australia can contain lyssa virus, it is extremely rare however you can contract the virus through a scratch and a bite.
If you are bitten or scratched by a bat please wash the wound immediately for 5 minutes and seek medical attention. If your domesticated animal has been bitten or scratched by a bat/flying fox please seek veterinary attention immediately.

Gladstone & District Wildlife Carers have been vaccinated and trained in handling bats and flying foxes.


For all snakes and injured reptiles please contact the Care Line on 0427106803
Remember your safety is paramount, please do not attempt to handle snakes and keep other members of your family and friends away. Try to keep an eye on the snake and its whereabouts at all times, without endangering yourself.

Vets in our local area:

Our vets play an important part in our groups ability to rehabilitate injured and sick native wildlife. All our animals that come into care are vet checked. After an animal is safely contained it can be dropped off to one of the vets listed on the side or below, free of charge. Please make sure you leave accurate details of where the animal was found and how it was injured.


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